Friday, November 24, 2017

Wiremu'z nightmare

                                    Wiremu'z nightmare

It was a casual morning for Wiremu, and today, there was one special happening, it was his birthday.  it was sunny as Wiremu walked his dog and  he is a outdoors boy who can be bad when he is around these boys who bully him. Wirmue’s family is not really in his social life so one day they followed him to surprise for his birthday and they followed him to the big Paeroa bottle .

So now they there at the Paeroa  bottle and those bullies have showed up but his family don’t they are bullies so they just think they are some friends until they steal the dog off him get their dog then made them fight then his family walks in to surprise him for his birthday and the dogs are going at it ripping each other up when they accidentally bite one of the dump truck’s tyres then it backed into the big l&p bottle.

Then the bottle fell and landed on his dad ‘’dad dad!’’ wirmue cries then his mum calls the ambulance ‘’i’m sorry dad’’wirume cries.Weow Weow the  ambulance comes and picks up wirmue’s dad ‘’says son’’ wirmues dad mumbled.

They get to the hospital.’’I love you dad’’ Wirmue cries ‘’I love you to son you wanna go do something after this’’he mumbled ‘’yes dad” then his hand lost grip then the machine went off and wirmue was yelling’’Dad ‘’I love you’’ he cried .his mom walks into room and starts to cry.The doctors yell calmy at wirmues mum to get out.

They are waiting in the waiting room for the information they had been waiting for hours and hours and the only thing on wirmues mind was his dad and his bullying. Then the doctor walks into the waiting room and ‘’unfortunately your dad and partner has not made it we are sorry we did our best he is now in a better place’’ They break into tears starts to loudly cry.They call the family to all come see him at the same time.Everyone has now got their his mum his dad brother and sister and best friend they walk into the room everyone is just so traumatised.