Thursday, August 31, 2017

Frog Life cycle
Have you ever wonder how the frog life cycle runs and how the lay they eggs and how they grow?

Firstly While in the amplexus(The position of a mating progress of a frog or a toad) position the male frog fertilizes the eggs well they are getting laid. Frogs tend to lay eggs single eggs in masses whereas toads usually lay eggs in long chains. Some frogs leave after this point, but others stick around to watch over the little ones. Some have very unusual ways of caring for their young. You'll learn about some of those later in this tour.

Secondly  frogs and toads lay heaps of eggs because there are many hazards between fertilization and full grown frogness Those eggs that die tend to turn white or opaque. The lucky ones that actually manage to hatch still start out on a journey of many perils. Life starts right as the central yolk splits in two. It then divides into four, then eight and until it looks a bit like a raspberry inside a jello cup. Soon, the embryo starts to look more and more like a tadpole, getting longer and moving about in it's egg.

Finally between 12 to 16 weeks and depending on water and food supply the frog has completed the full growth cycle. Some frogs that live in higher altitudes or in colder places might take a whole winter to go through the tadpole stage others may have unique development stages that vary from your traditional tadpole in the water type life cycle some of these are described later in this tour.

So this is the life cycle of a frog and how they grow.I have told you how about how the frog grows as in the the female laying the eggs to it being fully grown at the adult size.