Wednesday, March 15, 2017


this is my poster about narwhals and i have been learing about narwhals and what they do and the amazing things it does how it sucks up its food  like a vacuum.

Friday, March 10, 2017



We should have Rubbish Bins
I extremely believe  we should get rubbish bins back at kawakawa primary school because kids are going back home with messy bags and our school is getting more rubbish on the ground.

Firstly i think we should get our rubbish bins back art kawakawa primary school because parents have been camplanon that there child bags are coming back messy and with too much rubbish in their bags and coming back with there bags all sticky.

Secondly i think we should have our rubbish bins back because there is more rubbish on the ground then when we had rubbish bins and there are rubbish in the toilets rubbish in holes and also in other people's bags.

Finally we should get our bins back or parents might come and complain and then it will go on our school record and then we will get less students our schools student numbers have dropped a whole lot.


This is my Ruapekapeka poster to learn about our culture and what they did back then